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Our Mission Statement:
“We Educate, Empower and Transform Lives, so that people can be Equipped to become Successful and Happy in their Careers, Personal Lives, Relationships, Family and Finances!”

We Educate, Motivate and Equip passionate people, with our Advanced Transformation Coaching Techniques and Transformation Coaching Program. This will enable you to really make a difference in your own life, career, family, relationships and finances. With our Academy, every Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, will have the confidence and passion to consciously make a difference in this World!

Wow!! Where do I start? Talk about a life changing experience training that I have ever been a part of in my entire life. What a privilege it has been for me to be a part of something so powerful, that have transformed and empowered me in every area of my life. I feel so blessed and genuinely humbled. Thank you so much Burk for maintaining congruency in your life and you’re calling so that you can help and empower and equip people like me to be the best they can be. I would also like to thank Isobel, she has made such an impact in my life. She is so vibrant, strong character, motivating and makes you believe that you really, really have what it takes and you are GOOD ENOUGH! You guys are a powerful team, continue doing what you do…creating LEADERS and TRANSFORMING LIVES. God Bless!!!

Andiswa Ngqondela

“Making the choice to become a Leader means that we must be a ‘Good Example’ to others!”

“This is a Course where you will gain the Education, Tools and Skills as an Internationally Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner or you might just choose to do this course for personal gain.”

“Whatever the choice…you will get exactly what you want with hands-on practical experience!”

Perhaps you already know what you really want, and therefore you have start thinking about how you can get it? You do know it is crucial to make commitments that will lead to action so that you can greatly enhance your life and get what you want!

This realization and choice will finally help you with your new-found courage to DO and BE. At this juncture, you will experience New Hope, New Successes, and New Forms of Happiness. You will finally be on your way to Happiness and Success!

We cannot experience happiness, unless there is first a capacity for enjoyment. And for that, you may need to go back in time to remember life’s simpler pleasures and the manner in which you were once able to appreciate them.

You have not lost your capacity to enjoy; you have only misplaced it. You can find it again by start doing what you love!

Words are limited to fully describe the beyond phenomenal experience I have received this week. I feel empowered with powerful knowledge and its application. I feel inspired to get “out there” in a really big way and step up to my vision for myself. My heart expanded and so too, in both my own heart and mind (subconscious included). The love within me expanded and I am so keen to share more of myself with the world. I have healed on quantum levels, deeper. This training has given me the confidence to work with people using the amazing techniques. This course has connected me to so many wonderful people and I will always cherish this week very fondly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Galaxy Anju West

When we are in a career that we truly dislike, we will always be unhappy because it is impossible to find joy in things you choose to dislike!

In our Academy we strive to help, change and transform every person in the Training to become happy in who they are and what they do, because that will make our Coaches, Coaches of Life…THE BEST!!

Where do I even begin? Two amazing human beings appeared to me at a time in my life when I was standing on the edge and wondering what to do. They each took a hand and taught me to fly! What an unbelievable, life changing experience. I have literally learned more about achieving everything in life over the past week, than what I have learned in the last 40 years!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Glen Weldon

There is a reason you are looking into this and it was not by accident. You know that there is more to life and that you have a destiny to fulfill.

Do You Want The Following?

  • Improve yourself?
  • Get more out of Life?
  • Have a passion to help people.
  • Love to become a Mentor because people always wants your help, guidance and advice.
  • Want to change your Career?
  • Want to improve your Career?
  • Just want the tools to move yourself and your life forward.
  • Just love working with children and want the tools to really help them.
  • Taking your Psychology Practice to the next level by making a bigger impact on your patients.
  • Taking your Counseling Career to a Deeper and more Empowering level with lasting results in your clients. Isn’t this what you always wanted before you entered this career?
  • Want to make a business out of helping people?
  • Want to have the qualification to get compensation for helping people?
  • Want to work from home and have flexible hours?
  • Want to let go of your emotional baggage?
  • Live your Passion and Dream of becoming a NLP Life Coach.
  • Want to use Neuro Linguistic Programming in Coaching, your Personal Life and Career.
  • Want to make a difference.

‘Whether someone is unhappy, have a low self-esteem, feel frustrated, have anger issues, suffer from depression or just feel totally alone in this world’…they can with no doubt be transformed through our Advanced Coaching Techniques and Revolutionary “Transformation Coaching System™“.

We have put this course together with the aim to help others and therefore offer a sense of hope, possibility, and empowerment in a world that often makes people feel small, hurt, ineffective, and helpless.

The Dream I had for my life came true by making the decision to enrol for this course/training. It did not only encourage me to fulfill my Life Purpose, but change “me”: Marinette, completely seeing my full potential and getting rid of all the negative emotions and limiting beliefs which were standing in my way to self-growth and wholeness! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I can’t wait to do my part in helping others helping themselves living a life of complete fulfilment.

Marinette Le Roux

Our goal is to teach you awesome insights of the new breakthrough science in a way that’s easy to understand and really interesting.

“Dare to believe that something inside you is greater than your circumstances!”

What kind of Tools will this Training give me?

  • Have the ability to persuade and influence other people Positively.
  • Have the ability to let other people like you instantaneously.
  • Communicating excellently and effectively.
  • The skill to understand people’s behaviours so that you can coach accordingly.
  • The ability to make powerful and positive changes in their subconscious mind.
  • The tools to help people let go of their limitation, limiting beliefs and baggage that is currently holding them back from achieving their goals and desire outcome.
  • The skill to help people let go and change their Old Outdated Paradigm of the World into a more Resourceful and Empowering Paradigm. All of this is done at the Conscious level as well as at the Subconscious level.
  • The ability to help people change their unwanted and destructive behaviours.
  • Resolving external and internal Conflicts.
  • Having the Art of asking Excellent Questions to get to the Root Cause of the problem.
  • Have our unique and powerful technique to change someone’s Self-Image at the Subconscious Level.
  • Boosting someone’s Confidence phenomenally.
  • Quick and powerful techniques to delete Limiting Believes like: “I am not good enough.”
  • Being able to help someone to let go of all their Unprocessed Negative Emotional baggage with the powerful Negative Emotional Therapy.
  • Advanced techniques to help loving oneself unconditionally.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you the Manual to how your mind works. Click this link for more on NLP: What is NLP

This is just a few examples of the skills and tools that you will learn and gain from our training. For a more in detail description, please click on the link below:

Course Layout

This is the only Training of its kind, because we have been there and we totally understand how frustrating it is to feel unable to move forward. We have more than just the “Pedigree Status” which does not mean that much to us anyway. Our Journey started 14 years ago and the success on our results can speak for themselves. We choose to learn from people that walk the talk and have the success story from where they’ve been to where they are now and what they have accomplished.

Wow, I am so empowered by the experience on this course. Life is constantly changing and I have the tools and energy to transform not only my life, but also the lives of others. Burk and Isobel both bring such passion and energy to their “work” – truly inspired by their purpose, drive and commitment to transforming lives, and the world around them. I have shed many tears and run the full range of emotions during this week and am leaving with a smile and inner light that will burn eternally through myself and many others. Farewell, certainly not good bye!

Kirstie England

“Our Academy gives you more than any other training institute in South Africa, because our foundation of Empowerment is the Powerful Combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching Methodology’s, Success Mind Set Strategies and the most Advanced Positive Psychology.”

With our International Accredited ANLP and COMENSA courses you can now successfully empower and transform yourself and other people. Become a NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach, Transformation Coach and Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner today and learn how to use your full potential in achieving all your goals. At our revolutionary and powerful NLP Life Coach Training Academy we equip people to start living their dream and destiny!

COMENSA Life Coaching Training Provider

After completing our training you will be Certified as a:

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

NLP Life Coach

Transformation Coach

Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner


“Take the Courage Now and find out exactly how easy it is to Become a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Today!”

‘We deliver powerful transformation’… for every single person joining our Academy. We have one aim and one mission: Transforming & Empowering Lives!!!

Don’t take our word for it. Read and Look at what some of our Trainee’s had to say about this Training Course below the Submission Form.

Dear Burk and Isobel

You changed my life! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! From believing that I can’t do stuff, to believing that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. Words alone cannot describe how incredible this experience was for me. A week of growth and freedom that I will carry with me for rest of my existence. I am empowered, free and have this unconditionally love for life!It was an awesome experience. I will keep you both in my memories for always.

Love You.

Renaté Kitshoff

P.S. Fill in the form now and we will send you all the information you need and when you love what you see we will contact you to answer any other questions.

Before this training I knew that I was powerful, strong and destined for great things. Now, I believe it! The course has shifted my view on my power and capabilities regarding my life and circumstances. I know I am great and do not have to be apologetic about it anymore. Burk and Isobel have such beautiful and pure souls. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am humbled by your love for your work, yourselves and others. Now…that is Motivating!! I appreciate you and this opportunities. May you be blessed mightily for your efforts!

P.S. I had the best time of my life!

Warm Regards

Doris Msibi – TV Presenter

From day one, minute one, I enjoyed the energy of Burke and Isobel that lasted throughout the week. The course offered a whole lot more than I expected with so much extra added material, value and insight. I can’t express enough what the practical training was providing to me. The experience that Burke and Isobel impart is delivered with passion and tangible enthusiasm. I recommend that anybody wanting to have an awesome life changing experience get in touch and enroll today so that you too can enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.

Ray Booth

What an amazing week!!I have had so many breakthroughs in my personal life that I almost feel like “super woman”!

The different techniques that I have learned during the training has been phenomenal. Each techniques has given me a new perspective on the brilliance of our mind!

Thank you for an earthshattering week. I am so confident and have so much self-love that it feels like it is ooooozing out of me!

Teresa Barnard – HR Manager

When I initially decided to do you course it was only for the NLP – Not for Life Coaching.

The 1st day started out gentle but after an hour I was fascinated. Then the shift started happening overnight. I physically felt little pops throughout my body. By the time we reached the Techniques I was almost Liberated after the 1st one. But with each new Technique I felt more Empowered than the precious one.

I am now Extremely Confident in myself and my ability to be a Life Coach. There is a fountain of great Joy Bubbling throughout my whole being. Burk you & Isobel are wonderful people and thank you for making me realise what life is all about. Fond Love & Appreciation.

Aira Klopper – Professional Hypnotherapist

Let me answer this Question by posing a Question… “What did this training NOT do for me!!!???

It exceeded my expectations by miles and miles…During and after the training, I knew that this was different to any other training I ever attended. The level of professionalism cannot easily be matched and the outcome for me personally is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you, Burk and Isobel. Keep up the great work. You are most definitely “Leaders in transforming lives”. My life will never be the same again.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Johan Cronje

This training has been the greatest gift I could have given myself. It has given me a brand new start in life and I am so excited about the next 100 years that I am going to live. I have realized that I am limitless and have the tools now to live this limitless life. Every limitation I ever had has been transformed into a new goal and driver focus. I have the ability to create much more love, joy, peace happiness, success, health and abundance of money than I ever dreamed possible! Thank you Burke and Isobel for imparting this to me and with you as my role models I undertake to empower others with this vital knowledge.

Lorraine Harvey

Wow, wow, wow…Bang!!! Burk and Isobel! Your Love, Your Faith and believe in me…did make all the difference! It could have been book knowledge, BUT, as you Coach from the Heart, it made a great difference to me. Thank you for the Grace you showed me and you taught me about choices, but for your Peace, Love, Joy and Patience to wait and allow me to experience my own Learnings! Thank you for teaching me that there is no Mistakes…only FEEDBACK, to learn and finding new ways to do things and to look for in life. You have imparted a model to me and I am so grateful for this experience!!

Thank you.Love You!

Elza Gill

What a life changing experience. It went beyond any “course” and became an experience that has changed my life forever. It has made me,” the me”, I have always envisioned and knew was inside of me. I have let go of my past limiting beliefs and am filled with self-love and confidence that will help me live my every day to its fullest and to grow! It has inspired me to help others see their true inner selves and experience this feeling I feel right now after completing this training. When I look deep inside, there are now words to describe what this training has done for me. I am a new me. A Me… that I love unconditionally. A Me… that cannot wait to see what the future has in store and the potential that it carries.

Neha Patel – Civil Engineer

Gosh!! Where do I start?? I now fully believe that I am full of infinite possibilities. I know this like I know the sun will rise tomorrow. Being here has been a true gift! I have been in touch with parts of me that I forgot about and I refused to accept that they were there and now that they are gone, I cannot wait to start living my new life, which started yesterday anyway…

I am truly blessed for having trained again with you. So thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you for always loving unconditionally. May God continue to bless you, so you can continue to be the Beacon of Hope, which you both are.


Ruth Shimwanza

Oppad na dag 1 vir die NLP Life Coaching Course, het ek trane van vreugde gekry. Ek het net geweet dit is die regte besluit, want binne my weet ek daar is meer tot my lewe. Ek het vergeet wie ek is en waarna ek in staat is. Die kursus het alles binne my oopgemaak, ek voel vernuwe in my menswees! Ook onthou ek nou hoe “Powerful” en suksesvol ek is. ‘n Gedrewe individu wat BERGE kan versit. Burk en Isobel, ongelooflik dankie vir die geleentheid om weer heel te kan wees.

NAMSTE:“I honor the best and highest within you!”

Nelene Flemming

What this training did for me?

  • Made me aware of my limiting beliefs.
  • Allowed me to face and overcome negative emotions.
  • Brought the emotion of anger to the surface, which I was not even aware of prior to the technique used.
  • Identified my DFF – probably the biggest hindrance to everything I always wanted to accomplish.
  • Got me congruent.
  • Installed new confidence into me.
  • Now, I feel unstoppable in reaching my goals.
  • Brought me to the point of remembrance that: “I am Love, and I am Light…yes, I am!”
  • Gave me the opportunity to learn the Life Empowering Techniques in a safe, loving, encouraging environment.
  • Gave me the opportunity to come into Burk and Isobel’s space so that some of their essence could be transferred to me!

You are two very beautiful people.Thank you for an awesome opportunity and experience. Thank you for revealing another facet of God to me.

Much Love and gratitude to you both.

Desrae Goventry

I feel like my purpose is clear, I am a happier person. I now belief more in my abilities and I feel like the future is out there for me to create what I want and have a positive impact on the lives of other people. As a Business woman I feel more confident, I feel I can truly achieve anything. I know what ever I do is going to be successful. Before the training I doubted my abilities but now I can’t wait to start. I know I am great and everything is possible because I do believe in myself.

This training has totally changed my life. Thank you so much guys for all your hard work in preparing and delivering this material. I will see you “Burk” for the Master’s Training Program. Yes I will.

Manako Marumo – Business Women

Indescribable!!! Burk & Isobel you have taken me through my deepest darkest journey – one I have evaded for 45 years… I came to learn to help others and found myself. How liberating to find forgiveness, understanding and Love!! With your skill, knowledge, love and discipline I can walk onto a new “Whole” life, free of the emotional baggage that toxified and robbed me for all my life. I am immensely grateful, blessed, inspiered to share this experience for the greater good.

My New, Best life has just begun!!

Elsabe Veldman

This training was profound and empowering. The life skills and tools that I have been, gifted will serve me and allow me to continuously empower myself. It will also assist me with mentoring, learning and empowering others and enhance my goals and my life purpose. I am deeply grateful for the gifts, knowledge and wisdom that this fantastic team have entrusted me with. May you both keep up this amazing work and keep serving humanity. Love, Light and blessings.

Didier d’Hotman

Thank you so much!I have really had the desire to spend more time with you and absorb the energy. I have learnt a lot – even though it is a refresher course. I realized that I have grown a lot and (not but) have so much room for growth. I have heard and picked up things that I have missed during my first Training and you have definitely upgraded your course a lot. This refresher has certainly fired me up even more and also allowed me to deal with deeper issues (content vs. context – thank you Isobel). Burk, the way you helped me with my sadness was incredible because I can trust you and know that you really care. What I take home with me is: Your sincerity and authenticity. Bless you Burk and Isobel!

Reneé van Wyk

At long last I was able to let go of 40 years’ worth of baggage. After this intensive training, I am now grateful to be able to say that I feel whole again. I feel inspired to get on with the rest of my amazing life. I nearly did not make it to this course, but thankfully the universe conspired to make it so. By living their purpose, Burk and Isobel helped me to start discovering mine and placed me in a position to play a constructive role in the lives of others. I am truly grateful and hope that, whoever reads this, will find the courage to do the same.

Pieter Honiball

Oh, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful and happy I am that I did this course. I have been stuck! I actually now feel like I am on a roller coaster or on roller blades… Nothing will ever stop me again. I believe I am going to touch the lives of people in the most remarkable way. Today this door of the lecture room represents for me a breakthrough symbol. As I get out at the end of this last day I will be crossing the Rubicon, into a whole new world, the beginning of my bright powerful forever…

Jackie Kekana

The biggest thing I have experienced is my irritability with myself… small things going wrong around me and even with other people have decreased significantly. The need to be in control, to be this “Always-in-control-of-myself” person has subsided. I am sure I will confuse other people less by becoming more congruent of the person I really am – Loving and Peaceful. I have also come to the conclusion that instead of focusing on success and wealth, I can rather focus on peace, personal power and opportunities… the other things will follow naturally. My new DFF is already having a big impact on me. Thank you Burk and Isobel! On Wednesday I was still unsure if I made the right decision to do this NLP Life Coaching Course, but by Thursday I was convinced and today…Bowled Over!!!

Melinda White

“Life Coach Extraordinaire”

Firstly it shifted my way of looking at life. I know now that my life is my creation. Burk and Isobel a true gems to this Planet and absolute gift to us all. Burk and Isobel made NLP & Life Coaching like second nature to me. I am Positive and inspired to conquer every hurdle and challenge that life presents. I am totally fearless and this world is mine. The process was so carefully and caringly presented. I am now and forever grateful for this Gift. Thank you, Burk and Isobel. I can openly say that I am empowered. I love you both and I wish for you and your family life’s richest Blessings and amazing health, wealth and longevity. Please maintain your autonomous nature!!

Krishna Sivan Reddy

This was one of two massive life changing experiences for me. I‘ll never be the person I was before I came on this course and for that I am extremely and utterly grateful. I feel I have been given a second chance on life and I can now have the life I’ve always dreamed of – the life I deserve! Burk and Isobel have made such a significant change in me and to them I owe everything. No amount of money is worth the experience and value and empowerment that I received. Even my handwriting has changed a bit for the better… This has been the greatest, happiest and most empowering journey of my life – and it’s only the beginning!! Thank you

Michelle Naude

The course exceeded my expectations. I came here to be trained as a life coach but got more in term of changing certain thoughts vales and behaviors that were an impediment in my life preventing me to do what I am capable of. I will always value the teachings, the learning’s and techniques I have learned and will use them on and with my clients to help them to transform their lives. I wish I had this course earlier in my life. I will also continue applying everything I have learned on myself. I would like to commend Burk and Isobel for their passion in NLP Life Coaching, for them, one realized is not just an income generation business but a calling!

Maria Mabetoa

Senior Manager

Wow!!! I have learned so much, not only about helping others, but also have I learned so much about MYSLEF – my whole BEING! The techniques I have acquired I will carry with me always spread these amongst many to make this world a better place on step (person) at a time. I will forever be in your debt. Thanking you from deep within!

Jurgen Gross-Heitmeyer

HR Manager

I made the most awesome personal shift in the last week with Burk and Isobel. The learning’s and the tools to handle those things in life that was holding me back is priceless. I feel that the learning’s will be part of my life forever. I know that one day I am going to inspire people the same way Burk and Isobel inspired me. I am never looking back again. I have the tools to get the life I want. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Tiekie Barnard

Business Consultant

I have read many books and I have studied my BCOM & Civil Engineering. I have been through many courses in my personal life and corporate life as an executive. This course was excellent, excellent in the methods, processes and the simplicity in the presentation. I now have tools I can apply in my everyday life as a Civil Engineer, Spot Coach and as a Life Coach. Sport coaching is my hobby and the methods I have learned can be directly applied in that (sport) field of work.

Riaz Cassoojee

Burk and Isobel Thank You!! You both have changed my Life! I came in here thinking I was just going to learn how to talk to people, but you have shown me a whole new way of life! What I have gained in this training is priceless and I will take it with me wherever I go! I will live it, apply it and share it with an enthusiasm and vibrancy that I have discovered in this training! For me, I have grown tremendously in the last week! I am a new person radiating from inside out! Thank you, thank you and thank you! Love and light to you both!

Razia Shaikh

It took me more than a year within myself after I made the actual commitment to get to go through the NLP Life Coach Training Course. Needless to say, I walked in quite skeptical after reading about NLP, but I knew that I needed something different because what I tried up to now did not work. I was tied, physically and mentally and at yet another cross-road in my life. During this week of “walk and growth” I started to make the links in myself of the change needed and I just did not only received the tools of how to do it but I also did experience it myself. Wow I know the way, made easy and practically by Burk. I am well on my way to a new life, with a better me in the world and I can help others as well! Thank you.

Bez Bezuidenhout

Industrial Psychologist

The course is well structured and presented excellently. The preparation and Illustrations are excellent. The Presenter is passionate about his work and is able to retain the attention of learners for a much longer period. The training manuals are professionally presented including the corresponding DVD’s that are enjoyable and easy to follow.

NLP in combination with Life Coaching is a very powerful practical and pragmatic technique that has contributed enormously to my understanding of the role of factors underlining behaviours. It is practical and applicable. I would have no qualms in recommending it. Its benefits are incalculable. Many Thanks

Phineas Mabetoa


This training reignited my passion for quantum physics. I feel “limitless”. I am now confident that I am in the right direction and coaching is 100% for me. I realized now how not to go about my life. I realized that love and gratitude need to come first. Burk is amazing. I will know use him as my model and mentor. I’ve realized that I need to walk the talk in order to create valuable change in my clients.

Sheri Zinn

Personal Trainer

Thank you so very much for everything! This past week has been an amazing experience and journey. I have learnt so much about myself and can’t wait to start a new, more positive road ahead for myself and in helping others. Burk and Isobel, you are both Inspirations and such lovely people. Best Wishes.

Debbie Jamieson

I came to the training very narrow minded and uninformed about the subconscious mind. During the training, fear, insecurity and emotional baggage serviced. I was able to effectively deal with it all! My confidence level was at a very low and insecurity plagued me in every attempt of train to step onto and really do something big with my life. With my self-image picture changed and all issues dealt with, I am unstoppable. It was very powerful techniques that I have experienced and being equipped with so that I can more effectively help and change my practice and financial state. I am fully equipped now to dream big dreams without nagging limiting believes sabotaging my success and future. Thank you very much Burk. It was a great course!

Henk van Zyl


This changed my life and I know it will continue into the future for the first time I feel I have tools that I can use for myself and others. My dream is to be part of something to change the world for the better. This is my lift-off, this plane (me) was long enough on the runway – time to fly now, reach new heights breaking new boundaries. I feel physically and emotionally excellent. Thank you for everything. I see the outcome: A better world, filled with God’s love, with people creating heaven on earth!

Ansa Smith

This was the most enlightening course I have attended in many, many years. It changed my life and given me hope for the future. I am excited about my future. Thank you so very much.

Deidre van der Merwe

I experienced myself being part of everything and today everything is now part of me. Talking is all you need to do with Burk and Isobel to know they are real!! A gift of life for life! I see every single person in the group has changed – hearing their changes and feeling their changes….WOW!! Thanks for inspiring and leading!

Pierre Holtzhausen

It was totally invigorating. I am more positive and excited to go out and show the world. There is so much more that I learned about myself and how to live a better life. It is empowered me totally in every way and also given me way more confidence. Thank you, Burk and Isobel.

Sandy Pillay

This was a life changing experience. I am a totally different person, everything seems easier now. I see the world as a new beautiful place filled with opportunities which are waiting for me to grab and use to my advantage. The training is the best and exceeded my expectations. Burk was amazing; you and Isobel have become angels I want to keep forever in my life. I am more confidence, I am free all thanks to you guys.

Phakeme Mthembu

What I paid for this course, to what the fruits of what I learned will be…it is definitely going to be millions in rand terms. It was truly life changing! Any business or sports man or woman must go through NLP Life Coach Training with Burk. Thank you.

Werner van Aswegen

Regional Manager Momentum

This course showed me that there is a quicker way with NLP Life Coaching to change your life. What has taken me 25 years of self-improvement would have taken much less time if I had known about NLP & Life Coaching. I will take this knowledge and use it to help myself when certain situations arise that need to change. I will also use these NLP techniques in my life coaching with clients. This course has opened up a new world of opportunities and I am very happy that I have done this training.

Cathy Mudge


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